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flamed out funnies 1 2nd
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Flamed-Out Funnies #1

2nd Printing / 1976 / 28 pages / Rip Off Press

First Printing August, 1975
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In the first issue of Flamed Out Funnies, Willy Murphy provides five Arnold Peck stories and another dozen tales in an excellent collection. Nearly all of the stuff is quite funny even today. Not long after the first printing in 1975, Willy Murphy died of pneumonia. The second printing was published by Rip Off Press and notes Murphy's passing on the inside front cover.
There are two printings of this comic book, the 1st by Keith Green and the 2nd by Rip Off Press, and they both have 75-cent cover prices. The 1st printing states it was published by Keith Green on the inside front cover. The 2nd printing states "originally published by Keith Green, Industrial Reality, in San Francisco, California, August 1975" on page 3.
Willy Murphy - 1-36
flamed-out funnies

1st Printing
States "A Keith Green
Publication" on IFC.