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honky tonk
spotty writing
kinda weak art
historical bonus 1
total score 3
Honky Tonk
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Only Printing / 1970 / 36 pages / Company & Sons
Okay, I'm a pretty big fan of Dave Geiser, but even I think this comic sucks. I suppose we can cut Geiser a bit of a break, since this is his first comic book. Geiser's drawing skills, which aren't atrocious even here, and his composition skills, which ARE atrocious here, steadily improve through the years and radically improve by the time he's doing Pain, Sloppy Seconds and Edge City. His writing also grows more complex and insightful than the simpleminded junk we get here. Honky Tonk isn't entirely worthless for those curious about Geiser's early work, since his work here, substandard as it is, still carries that unique Geiser tang and pungency. But you can find plenty of better early Geiser work in Clowns, Demented Pervert and Bum Wad.

Honky Tonk certainly isn't strengthened by the contributions from Wink Boyer, who provides several pages similar to those he did in his own comic book, Buzzard. Between Honky Tonk and Buzzard, Company & Sons put out two of the worst underground comics ever (not the worst, mind you, but they would make the bottom ten), which undoubtedly factored into the company's demise by the mid '70s.
Company & Sons printed approximately 4,200 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.

Dave Geiser - 1-10, 22-27, 29-34
Wink Boyer - 11, 12+, 13-19, 21, 28
Diana - 12+, 20, 35-36