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hungry chuck biscuits
brilliant writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 9
Hungry Chuck Biscuits Comix & Stories
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1st Printing / 1971 / 36 pages / Kitchen Sink
This is a classic golden age underground, so don't wait for my full review (coming soon!) to pick it up. Have a biscuit and a good belly laugh!
There are four printings of this comic book, all by Kitchen Sink, all with 50-cent cover prices, and each producing 10,000 copies. The printings are just about impossible to distinguish by the front cover, but are differentiated by their indicias. The 1st printing does not indicate its printing order on the inside front cover indicia. The 2nd through 4th printings all indicate their printing order on the inside front cover.
Daniel Clyne - 1 (collaboration), 2-14, 25-28, 34
Skip Williamson - 1 (collaboration), 15-17, 30, 36
Denis Kitchen - 1 (collaboration), 19-21, 22-23+
Jim Mitchell - 1 (collaboration), 22 (collaboration), 29
Joel Beck - 18
Bruce Walthers - 23 (collaboration)
Robert Crumb - 22-23 (collaboration), 35(ad)
Jay Kinney - 22 (collaboration)
Jay Lynch - 23 (collaboration)
Dan Glassford - 22-23 (collaboration), 24
Dave Dozier - 31-33
spacer10 hungry chuck biscuits 3rd
3rd Printing
Indicates printing order on IFC.