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lair of madness 2nd
pretty bad writing
competent art
historical bonus 2
total score 4
Lair of Madness
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2nd Printing / 1972 / 28 pages / D.B. Features
First Printing April, 1972
The title and EC Comics-inspired front cover art of Lair of Madness seems to promise some intense horror comics inside, but instead most of the content is pretty flaccid sword and sorcery fantasy. The 13-page feature story by Ellen Balliet, "Rippensnourt," is formulaic and doesn't deliver a single interesting plot twist. The illustrations for the story are competent but unimaginative.

Lair of Madness is notable for a six-page story by Jim Pinkoski, who was just 21 years old when he produced it. His story is not particularly great either, but provides the most accomplished artwork in the book.
There are two printings of this comic book, both by D.B. Features (Dale Broadhurst). The 1st printing (unknown copies) has a red-and-black cover and pink interior paper. The 2nd printing (unknown copies) has a full-color cover and white interior paper

Kennedy states that Lair of Madness was "fanzine-ish" and he was right. It's perhaps more like a prozine (especially the full-color 2nd printing), though it does not achieve the creative quality of the most ambitious prozines. The front cover art by Dale Broadhurst is really quite nice, though!

Dale R. Broadhurst - 1, 2, 16-18
Ellen Balliett - 3-15 (story)
S. Geary - 3-15 (art collaboration)
Larry Ogan - 3-15 (art collaboration)
Jim Pinkoski - 19-24
Kevin Scott Bigler - 25-27
Billy Grahan - 28 (ad)