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spotty writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 5
Let's Not 'n Say We Did Funnies
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Like Nobody's Bizness
Like Nobody's Bizness
Only Printing / 1972 / 28 pages / Adam's Apple Distributing
George Hansen had his share of one-man underground comic books through the early 1970s. Hard Times, Judy Tunafish and Like Nobody's Bizness are all quite similar and feature Hansen's unique, semi-Crumb, semi-George Herriman drawing style. As I mentioned in my review of Judy Tunafish, Hansen had his share of fans and detractors, and I guess I put myself in the fan category, though with some reservations.

Hansen's strength is certainly his illustration style, which is innately appealing in the same way that Robert Crumb's or Jay Lynch's is, though Hansen is by no means in the same class as Crumb or Lynch. Let's Not 'n Say We Did doesn't feature the same type of exquisitely decorative poster-style illustrations that elevates Like Nobody's Bizness. Instead, this is a straight comic book with comic strip stories, which means Hansen relies too heavily on formulaic writing, therefore bringing the book down.

Let's Not 'n Say We Did features appearances by many of Hansen's signature characters, including Mr. Nobody, Hoony Harf, Mr. O.K., and Judy Tunafish. Too many of the strips end with the main character fainting or diving out a window, imploding in climax, getting kicked in the ass or punched in the kisser. There are too few laughs to be found as the stories meander about in circles just to deliver one weak punch line.

Like most Hansen comics, the characters are one dimensional, but at least they're likeable. This book is probably not the best introduction to Hansen's work. Pick up Like Nobody's Bizness first; if you like that, then you'll probably like other Hansen comics.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted

George Hansen - 1-28