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The Little Book of Inner Space
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Only Printing / March, 1972 / 20 pages / Bonkersville Press
The Little Book of Inner Space is a very cartoonish adventure that tells the story of a young man seeking "a higher plane of reality" and spiritual enlightenment by achieving an astral plane of consciousness through psychedelic drugs and temporary death. Well, that's the best I can make of it, anyway. Sort of reminds me of a John Thompson storyline with more plain English, but most of it is still fairly incomprehensible, and of course the artwork sucks compared to Thompson.

The book only has 16 interior pages and the last three are all text, so it is indeed "little." It was produced by somebody named Omandu, which is apparently a pseudonym for an artist in San Jose, California. The publisher, Bonkersville Press, is identified as a "subsidiary" of the Comic Collector Shop, a legendary San Jose comic shop owned by the late Bob Sidebottom, who published a number of comic books himself. Most of Sidebottom's publications were pretty bad, and The Little Book of Inner Space does little to improve that reputation.
Bonkersville Press printed approximately 5,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted

Omandu - 1-20