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solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 7
Moonchild Comics #2
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Only Printing / 1969 / 12 pages / San Francisco Comic Book Co.
The second issue of Moonchild Comics expanded to 12 pages and was published by the San Francisco Comic Book Company (Gary Arlington) in 1969. This issue features Moonchild Comics first multi-page story, "Loophole," in which time travelers go way back in history to kill people, which serves as an easy form of population control in the future. You know, "less ancestors, less descendants." Unfortunately, they go a bit too far back and kill the one guy that the human race kind of needs for its own survival!

Cuti's drawings in the second issue are very similar to the previous one, which are well designed and detailed but curiously flat. It is in this issue that Cuti describes Moonchild as his "intergalaxtic nymph" whose name is "symbolic of love and lunacy [and] the innocence with which she accepts both." He also invites other sci/fi artists to send him interesting work (which they do) for publishing in the next issue.

If not for Cuti's burgeoning career in animation and script writing for several other comics, perhaps the Moonchild series would have continued. She was certainly a charming little space waif with the potential for more adventures.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted

Nicola Cuti - 1-12