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excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 9
Nard n' Pat #1
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1st Printing / March, 1974 / 28 pages / Cartoonists Co-Op Press
Nard is a conservative shlub of a guy who continually falls prey to the hip, horny and self-centered Pat, who is ostensibly a cat but talks and acts like a human. Nard and Pat are more like roommates than master and pet, but when riled Nard will point out that he is supposed to be the master. The characters were based on two people Lynch had known in real life, but over time Nard 'n' Pat became more reflective of the relationship between Lynch and his wife.

The best story in Nar
d n' Pat #1 may be the story on page 21 (a continuation from the inside front cover), in which Pat imagines what it would be like if other underground comics artists drew the characters of Nard and Pat. This leads to a massive comic jam with spot illustrations from almost all the legends of the golden age of undergrounds (listed below). I still wonder if Lynch was the ghost artist for some of those panels. He certainly has the skill to emulate other styles.

Jay Lynch is one of my favorite underground comic creators. He really knows how to write funny, concise stories, and is (in my mind) highy underrated as a comic illustrator. Besides his detailed ink work, which elevate his best work near the top of the underground fellowship, Lynch has a great sense of composition, well exemplified by the cover for Nard n' Pat #1.

There are two printings of this comic book. The 1st printing (unknown copies) is by Cartoonists Co-Op Press and has a 50-cent cover price. The 2nd printing (5,000 copies) is by Kitchen Sink Enterprises and has a $1.00 cover price.
Jay Lynch - 1-23, 24-25 (collaboration), 26, 27 (ad), 28
Kim Deitch - 27 (ad)
Bill Griffith - 27 (ad)
Harvey Kurtzman - 27 (ad)
Jerry Lane - 27 (ad)
Artists featured in the comic jam on pages 24-25:
Skip Williamson - 24
Justin Green - 24
Art Spiegelman - 24
Harvey Kurtzman - 24
Robert Crumb - 24
Gilbert Shelton - 24
Robert Williams - 24
Spain Rodriguez - 24
S. Clay Wilson - 24
David Sheridan - 25
Denis Kitchen - 25
Pete Poplaski - 25
Kim Deitch - 25
Evert Geradts - 25
Trina Robbins - 25
Richard Corben - 25
Willy Murphy - 25
Bill Griffith - 25
Nard n' Pat 1 2nd
2nd Printing
$1.00 cover.