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average writing
mediocre art
historical bonus 1
total score 4
Pagfeek Papers
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Only Printing / January, 1973 / 36 pages / Kitchen Sink
Pagfeek Papers is one of those underground comics that slipped into the mad rush of undergrounds in 1972 and early '73 that had tenuous cause to be published, but it certainly has its defenders. As Denis Kitchen proclaims on his website, Pagfeek "...wasn't about sex or drugs or violence or social relevance. It was a thinking hippie's comic, full of clever if obscure wordplay and subtlety."

While I don't deny that Mark Morrison's scripting in this book occasionally rises above the mundane, overall I can't say I was enchanted by his writing (and I am easily enchanted by well-written comics that suck eggs on the illustration). The recurring protagonist in Pagfeek Papers is Great Uncle P. Bosco Wad ("Doc"), who often speaks to a frog named Hank. If you feel engaged by the sample pages offered here, you may turn out to be a fan of this book, in which case you should check out Snarf #4 and #5, which provide additional adventures.
Kitchen Sink printed approximately 10,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.
Mark Morrison - 1-34, 36
Robert Crumb - 35 (ad)