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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
The Further Fattening Adventures of
Pudge, Girl Blimp #3
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Only Printing / April, 1977 / 52 pages / Star*Reach Productions
The quest of Pudge to lose her virginity in San Francisco is finally fulfilled in the third and final issue of the trilogy. But before she can get laid, Pudge has her first sexual experience with her lesbian friend Jane, an act that casts some doubt in Pudge about her own sexual preferences. But as Jane points out, Pudge can't possibly know her sexuality until she actually has sex with a man.

And that long-awaited milestone takes place just a few pages later, when Pudge takes her social activist buddy Skeets back to her place and they finally consummate their romance. Although Skeets is gentle, he's also quick to come, which leaves Pudge with little more than a bloody hymen and the feeling that sex is way overrated. Still, once her room mates find out that she's had intercourse, they rush her off to a women's health clinic to get some contraception (in Pudge's case, a diaphragm).

Later, Pudge goes to a weight-loss salon for four weeks and loses a bunch of weight, which makes her happy but none of her friends are all that excited about it, least of all Skeets, who misses "all those yards of bouncy flesh." Fortunately for Skeets, all Pudge has to do is get a whiff of a freshly baked cake and she puts the pounds right back on. The next time they have sex, Skeets takes it nice and slow and Pudge, for the first time, learns what an orgasm means. Thus enlightened, Pudge develops a vorcacious appetite for something besides food.

A couple days later, everyone at the commune where Pudge lives throws her an 18th-birthday party, but Skeets isn't there and Pudge begins to think she can't count on anyone but herself for her happiness. This lesson is reinforced when she has a near-death experience, which leads to Pudge holing up in her bedroom and giving life some serious contemplation. With the help of a friend, she realizes that she's only 18 years old and there's a whole lot more to be written in her life story.

But not in comic books. Though Lee Marrs tossed out a few stray Pudge stories in High Times magazine and Gates of Eden, and briefly revived the character in 2006 for Dark Horse Books' Sexy Chix, Anthology of Women Cartoonists, Marrs states on the inside back cover of this third issue, "Do not ask for Pudge 4. You can grow her up yourselves."

I do believe that Marrs played out the fattening adventures of Pudge to a satisfying conclusion. The final issue of Pudge, Girl Blimp is probably the best in the trilogy and the most memorable. By the end, we recognize that Pudge may still have stars in her eyes, but she's come a long way from the 17-year-old neophyte who stepped into San Francisco looking to get laid. All things considered, Pudge is one lucky blimp indeed.
Star*Reach printed approximately 5,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.


Lee Marrs - 1-52