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Stoned Picture Parade Back Cover
Back Cover
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Stoned Picture Parade
Only Printing / 1975 / 12 pages / San Francisco Comic Book Company
Stoned Picture Parade is a small book, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, with only 12 pages including the covers, and the cartoons and illustrations have no common theme or pattern. It's just a collection of what appears to be drawings, prints or advertisements that were found laying around a studio or publisher's office.

Yet somehow, this compilation of cast-off artwork is captivating, undoubtedly due to the artists who agreed to participate: Robert Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Spain Rodriguez, Will Eisner and Rick Griffin, among others. Becky Wilson provides a lovely single panel of a bejeweled young woman toking on a hookah. Rory Hayes contributes a monstrous apparition with a spiked brain. Edna Jundis gives us a droll snapshot of the life of a woman cartoonist with too many pots on the fire.

Gary Arlington of San Francisco Comic Book Company edited and published Stoned Picture Parade in 1975. On the inside front cover, Arlington thanks Don Donahue for helping him put together the seemingly random pieces of this disjointed but delightful puzzle. Crumb's two appearances in the book are both playful advertisements for Zap Comix that Donahue probably had in his voluminous files. I'm pretty sure that Donahue printed this book for Arlington on the same archaic Multilith press that produced the first Zap.

Of course, unlike Zap Comix, there's nothing revolutionary or particularly innovative about Stoned Picture Parade. There's no cartooning masterpieces or searing satire to decipher either, but this slender pamphlet certainly provides an oddly charming assemblage of work that is much better to have preserved than to have lost in the discard bins of history.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.

Gary Arlington - editor, 2 (introduction)
Robert Crumb - 1, 6-7 (shared), 9
Becky Wilson - 3
Spain Rodriguez - 4-5
Edna Jundis - 6-7 (shared)
Will Eisner -(8 (shared)
Rick Griffin - 8-9 (shared), 11
S. Clay Wilson - 10
Rory Hayes - 12