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solid writing
competent art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Mama! Dramas
_Only Printing / June, 1978 / 36 pages / Educomics
Mama! Dramas represents a natural progression of feminist comic books from the early 1970s, at least for the pioneers of feminist comics. A few years after battling macho attitudes and writing frankly about sex from a woman's perspective in It Ain't Me Babe, Wimmen's Comix and Tits & Clits, it was time to expose the realities of working moms, child education, divorce and single motherhood.

Most of the stories in Mama! Dramas are decent and some real issues are brought to light, though some material has not dated well. Some of the better work comes from timeless stories like "The Perfect Mother" by Debra McGee, which describes the challenges of being a first-time mother. Another is "$ Mom $" by Suzy Varty that follows a single day of a working mother. Joyce Farmer and Shelby Sampson both contribute effective stories that follow a family household over an extended period of time.

The overall illustration score is weighed down a bit by some of the less professional looking artwork, but the writing makes up for it to some degree.

The book concludes with a brief list of resources for mothers in a few cities. Mama! Dramas editor Trina Robbins apparently expected to produce a second issue, as she requests additional names and addresses of resources from her readers for publishing in the Mama! Dramas #2. I imagine sales were not very good on the first issue, though, which is a shame because the title might've gotten more interesting after the creators began tackling some of the darker challenges of motherhood, like addiction, alcoholism, shitty sex, spouse abuse, child abuse, out-of-control children and ugly divorce wars.
Educomics printed approximately 10,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted

Trina Robbins - (editor) 1, 2 (editorial), 10-13
Shelby Sampson - 3, 30-33
Debra McGee - 4-7
Terry Richards - 8-9
Delores Thom - 14-17
Edna Jundis - 18-21
Suzy Varty - 22-25
Joyce Farmer - 26-29, 36
Leonard Rifas - 35 (ad)
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