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average writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 5
Moon Comix #2
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Only Printing / 1977 / 40 pages / Arts Lab Press
Moon Comix was a British comics anthology published by Arts Lab Press under its Ar-Zak imprint that ran for three issues. Wikipedia has a very nice summary of the Birmingham Arts Lab (which included Arts Lab Press), so I won't drag out this review with a description of the Lab's (rather fascinating) history.

Moon Comix #2 presents several British comic creators along with a couple of American ones, but it certainly feels quite British overall. The book feature more of David Noon's work than anyone else's (after all, he edited the comic), and his comics have a bold visual style that is striking. The writing and plotting of his stories are a disjointed mix of surrealism and folly, but at least they're not dull.

American Doug Hansen provides a nice two-pager that's more intriguing than most of his domestic work. Hunt Emerson contributes a short story about a tattered jacket that falls a bit flat towards the end. The rest of the book kind of bites, but I did find American Pamela Reeves short text story rather interesting, though it didn't really go anywhere.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. However, Arts Lab Press notoriously committed to relatively large print runs that did not nearly sell out. I expect Moon Comix #2 had at least 3,000 copies but not more than 5,000. It has not been reprinted

David Noon - (editor) 1, 3-8, 13-15, 20-21, 24-26, 27 (art), 28, 33-37, 38 (ads), 39-40
Peter Curzon - 2
Alecks Waszynko (aka Bonk) - 9, 18-19
Hunt Emerson - 10-12
Doug Hansen - 16-17
Pamela Reeves - 22-23
Edwin Brock - 27 (poem)
Andrew Johnson - 29-32