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excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Skull #4
Back Cover
Back Cover
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Only Printing / May 1972 / 36 pages / Last Gasp Eco-Funnies
Skull Comics officially shortened its title to just Skull with the fourth issue, which it would retain for the remaining issues in the run. This issue also has a theme of all H.P. Lovecraft stories. Among the featured stories are Dave Sheridan's "The Hound," Charles Dallas' "The Hairy Claw of Tolen," Michael C. Smith's "Cool Air" and Herb Arnold's "Pickman's Model."

The stories are all faithful adaptations of Lovecraft that should satisfy just about any Lovecraft fanatic. They are a bit too clinical for me, but since I wasn't a huge Lovecraft fan they were a good introduction to some stories I had not read before. Larry Todd provides a sweet back cover to make up for the lack of salacious content inside the book.
After producing several printings of the previous three issues, Last Gasp got wise and printed 40,000 copies of this comic book. That large number alleviated the need for another printing.
Jack Jackson - 1
Simon Deitch - 2, 13, 35
Dave Sheridan - 3-12
Charles Dallas - 14-20
Michael C. Smith 21-26
Herb Arnold - 27-34
Larry S. Todd - 36