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excellent writing
masterpiece art
historical bonus 3
total score 9
Back Cover
Back Cover
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S. Clay Wilson Portfolio Comix
1st/2nd Printing / December 1970 / 28 Pages / The Print Mint
This is a collection of S. Clay Wilson drawings from his early career. Though the cover artwork and all the interior artwork is printed horizontally, the book is bound like a normal, vertical book, so you read the book sideways. Well, there's not much reading to do at all, as only a few of the drawings have dialogue. (Which made the writing critique a little tough to do, but what dialogue there is—plus the titles of the drawings—are quite good, so there you have it.)

In any case, including the cover artwork the book presents 28 full-page drawings from Wilson, and they're all quite beautiful. I know there are a lot of Wilson critics who think his drawings are ugly and repulsive, but they're just fucking wrong. No point in my arguing with them here, but if you enjoy S. Clay Wilson's work, you are sure to enjoy paging through this marvelous collection very slowly under some good lighting.


There are two known printings of this comic book, both by The Print Mint. The 1st printing (20,000 copies) and 2nd printing (7,900 copies, December 1971) are considered indistinguishable from one another. This book does not have a published title, a cover price or an indicia printed anywhere in the book. The nominal cover price was supposed to have been 50 cents. I'm not sure how it even got its title, but it is listed as S. Clay Wilson Portfolio Comix in Kennedy's Guide and as S. Clay Wilson Portfolio in Fogel's Guide.
This book should not be confused with Drawings by S. Clay Wilson (a somewhat rare magazine published by San Francisco Comic Book Co. in 1969) or Twenty Drawings by S. Clay Wilson (a very rare portfolio of drawings by Wilson published by Charles Plymell and Abington Book Shop in 1967).
I have seen some people categorize this comic book along with two other Wilson books; 2 (Two) and 2 2 (Two Squared), and they call this comic book 1 (One), but that is not accurate. Two and Two Squared were published by Keith Green years after this Print Mint book.

S. Clay Wilson - 1-28