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brilliant writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 9
Sex and Affection
Back Cover
Wraparound Cover
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1st Printing / 1974 / 28 pages / Jim Himes, C.P. Family Publishers
If only the rest of the world could follow the simple, honest attitude about the human body and sexuality advocated by Jim Himes in this groundbreaking 1974 comic. From birth through young adulthood, the son and daughter of open-minded parents ask lots of questions as their bodies and hormones change, and the parents give them straightforward answers. Of course, the world has changed quite a bit since 1974, but most of the information dispensed in this comic is as valid today as it was then.

Sex and Affection was intended to be only the first in a series of four sex education comics for use with children, but not surprisingly the rest of the series was never produced. And I doubt this book could get published in today's society.
There are two known printings of this comic book, both by Jim Himes and C.P. Family Publishers. The 1st printing (unknown copies) has a 50-cent cover price. The 2nd printing (unknown copies) has a 75-cent cover price.


Jim Himes - 1-28