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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Show + Tell Comics
Back Cover
Back Cover
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Only Printing / October 1973 / 36 pages / The Print Mint
Justin Green was certainly one of the most introspective and honest cartoonists ever. Show + Tell Comics, while not as famous as his Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary masterpiece, is also a brutally honest look at his childhood. Justin's work was inspiring to many cartoonists and comic writers. Art Spiegelman has stated that Binky Brown made his novel Maus possible. Though Justin's symptoms are evident in this comic book, it was not until years later that he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Show + Tell Comics is about the best companion piece you could have for his more famous Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary manifesto.
The Print Mint produced approximately 20,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.


Justin Green - 1-36