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Armadillo Comics 2 1st
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical 2
score 9
Armadillo Comics #2

1st Printing / 1971 / 32 Pages / Rip Off Press

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Armadillo Comics Two (just #2 in most underground references and the indicia) is the follow-up to Jim Franklin's comic book Armadillotoons. The second issue was published by Rip Off Press and features more amusing illustrations of armadillos and various creatures (rhinos!), plus other one-page strips and drawings. Unlike Armadillotoons, the second issue is almost entirely by Jim Franklin. The content was drawn over the course of three years at the Vulcan Gas Company and Vulcan World Headquarters.

While not quite the tour de force that Armadillotoons is, Armadillo Comics #2 still provides a lot of terrific pen and ink illustrations and some very amusing comics.

There are two printings of Armadillo Comics #2, both by Rip Off Press and both with 50-cent cover prices. The 1st printing has an orange background behind the Rip Off Press logo on the front cover. The 2nd printing has a white background behind the logo, which is now placed above the book title. It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were produced for either printing.
Jim Franklin - 1-10, 11 (collaboration), 12-34, 36
Ike - 11 (collaboration)
Meggan Durden - 4 (child's drawing)
Captain Beefheart - 35 (a sketch of Franklin)
Armadillo Comics 2nd
2nd Printing
Rip Off Press logo with white background.