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solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
meef comix _ Meef Comix 2
Meef Comix #1
Meef Comix #2
Meef Comix

1973-1974 / The Print Mint

These two remarkable undergrounds primarily feature Fred Schrier, who teamed up with Dave Sheridan to make Mother Oats Comix and The Balloon Vendor such memorable head trips. Meef came along after those early-'70s comics but matches them hallucinogenic fantasy for hallucinogenic fantasy. Among the highlights are "The Electronic Music Concert," "A Zen Fable," and "The Late Show."

The best of the bunch is probably Schrier's epic adventure in the first issue, "What's This Game We Play in the Mirror?" which picks up where his feature story in The Balloon Vendor (1971) left off. This time scientist Cecil Quill and his companion Hodges are metaphysically transported into a world where everyone's dreams are created. They end up on a guided tour of dream factories and experience all manner of transformations and interactions with other people's dreams.

Virtually every page in the two issues of Meef demonstrates Schrier's mastery of highly detailed pen and ink illustration. The stories are complex, dreamlike fantasies with intricate drawings that should be savored slowly, like fine wine.

Unfortunately, producing underground comics was not a lucrative profession for most artists, including Schrier. By the late 1970s, Schrier had moved on from comic books and would fashion dual careers as a commercial illustrator (including for children's books) and as the chief animator for the Cleveland Indians stadium scoreboard.