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spotty writing
mediocre art
historical bonus 2
total score 4
Monday Funnies #8
Only Printing / February, 1982 / 28 pages / Pastime Publications
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Comic Book
There were two comic anthologies titled Monday Funnies, and though they launched less than three years apart, they are unrelated to each other. The first was based in San Francisco and ran four issues in 1977. The second was this Monday Funnies, which was based in Portland, Oregon and ran for eight issues from 1980 to 1982. I only have the last issue of this series (ironic, since the last issue had the lowest print run), so it doesn't make sense to do a full series review AND review the individual issue, so I'm just reviewing this single book and giving some background on the series.

Monday Funnies was launched and edited by Marcus Reed in Portland, Oregon. It was his first publishing venture and though Reed was in his late twenties, many of the artists and writers he recruited for the comic were local high-school kids. For this reason he intentionally kept the content of the comic "ground level" instead of overtly underground (he also produced the more risqué Portland Underground Comix).

Though never a big hit, Reed kept Monday Funnies going for eight issues over two years and featured some notable small press creators like Roman Scott and Steve Lafler, as well as graphic designer Rick Rudge. Like the other Monday Funnies and many underground anthologies, Marcus Reed's Monday Funnies doesn't get a great review score because the weaker work brings the score down, but the parts of it that stand out are certainly worth reading.

Midnightfiction.com has an interesting interview with key contributors to Monday Funnies, with some scans of the other issues in the series as well as some other Pastime Publications comics.
Pastime Publications printed approximately 400 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted. The first issue of the series had 1,000 copies, the second had 600 copies, the third through sixth issues had 500 copies each, and the seventh issue had 475 copies
. I may move this title to the small press section after that section is completed (to help avoid confusion with the other Monday Funnies), but this comic book also qualifies as an underground by my definition.

Dan Florian - 1, 20-21
Marcus Reed - (editor), 2, 26
Lindsay Stone - 3, 27
Roman Scott - 4, 19, 25, 26, 28
Jonathan Falk - 5 (text)
Russell Fletcher - 6-13, 22-24
Rick Rudge - 14, 15
Dave Smith - 16
Tim Lapsley - 17-18, 27