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balloon vendor 1st
solid writing
exceptional art
historical 2
score 7
The Balloon Vendor

1st Printing / 1971 / 28 Pages / Rip Off Press
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Meef Comix
After completing the first two issues of Mother's Oats Comix, Fred Schrier produces another mind-bending cosmic adventure with The Balloon Vendor. The epic 18-page opening story is "The Time Machine," in which oddball physicist-inventor Cecil Quill leads his companion Hodges into a metaphysical time warp, with all Schrier's usual psychedelic trimmings. As always, Schrier's artwork is dense with lush details that encourage the brain to meander and the eyes to linger.

The characters of Cecil Quill and Hodges, and to some degree the story of "The Time Machine," are continued in Meef Comix #1 (1973).

There are two printings of this comic book. It is currently unknown how many copies were produced during either printing. The 1st printing has a glossy cover stock and the 2nd printing has a matt cover stock. When compared side-by-side, they are easily distinguished from each other, as the matt cover stock used for the 2nd printing is very matt in appearance.
Fred Schrier - 1-19, 24-28
Dave Sheridan - 20-23
The Balloon Vendor 2nd

2nd Printing
Identical except for matt cover stock.